Monday, October 26, 2009

Pages of Pandemonium

Our Works in Progress Exhibition, Pages of Pandemonium, is now up! It looks good in the NEW gallery space. (another exciting part!) Please also go to the school website, ( and the image of the postcard is up at the front page! that leads to our exhibition blog!

I am very excited for everything is now together.

I have two books and cite specific installation with handmade paper in the show. More pictures to come later.

(the vinyl is the one that Steph did :))

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My friend Steph from SF generously accepted to cut the vinyl signage for our work-in-progress exhibition which is coming up this weekend. I just received the package last night and opened it this morning. I was ready to tackle peeling off the vinyl, then I was surprised to see the vinyl ready to go on the wall. She did the beautiful job, not only cutting it, but peeling excess off for us!!
And she included the black feather, black ribbon hair pin and a bag of cocoa with small marshmallows.

I cannot find the word for this. I am happy happy happy!
Thank you Steph!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

back to philly

I stopped by at Terminal T in Atlanta International Airport. My gate was at B Terminal but I really wanted to see this exhibition called Paper Runway, so I took the detour.

I left the meeting on Saturday evening to catch the flight back to Philadelphia. My WIP (work-in-progress) show is installing in a week, so needed to get back to studio as soon as possible.

Still felt my heart beating fast from the excitement in the meeting of FDH, it was nice seeing the show at the airport, ending my trip of papermaking festivities at Atlanta.

Everything was so inspiring at the meeting. The talk given by Erica Spitzer Rasmussen was about the history of paper garments in different culture, and it was very organized with lots of research. I felt grateful for being able to attend the talk and got lots of inspirations. Some of her work, the paper dresses/garments, were in this show at the airport.

Now I am back in the studio, going to pick up the paper for my book that I put in the drying box before leaving to the meeting. I feel my heart beating fast again, from the nervousness and excitement for the show coming up so soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

starting my specimen

I am in Atlanta for this papermaking conference/meeting of the organization called the Friends of Dard Hunter.
I have met so many people in these two days. Oh yes, not just people, Papermakers!
This is the first ever conference I attended, too, and it ended up to be the right decision for me to make it as my first one. It is a delightful experience.

I am also staying at my dear friend/studio-mate, Mandy's relative's house for this trip.
They generously offered me to stay at their place, which is only 20min walk to the hotel, where everyone else is staying for the conference.

Tomorrow is my last day. I hope to tell more about my experience at the conference later.

I thought that this is maybe the right time for me to start something on the web ( I have been trying to set up my website for a year now). Something quick and this blog.

I hope to continue on as much as I can. And hope to keep in touch with people that I have met in this conference.


*the image is from the hands-on workshop given by Steve Miller and the students from the University of Alabama: hand papermaking by using Alabama banana stalk.