Friday, October 4, 2013

New start in fall... yes, even in San Diego!

Fall is already around the corner and I can feel the change in the air even here in Southern California. Our tomato plants are ending and I am clipping the last batch of them probably this weekend. Although I love summer and usually sad to hear the summer is over, I am actually looking forward to the cold (well, cooler) weather and all the holiday cooking and baking to follow.

I am working on the new series of notebooks for my Etsy shop, since some of them happily left me to new owners' hands. I am so happy about that, but now I need more work in my shop. This time I am also making some photo albums. I made one to put all the photos from this summer with family. It is so lovely to have a physical album, especially for the special photos. The new ones for the shop, they will of course have embroidery on the covers, and the photo above is the one in progress.

I just started to teach book arts class at Poway Adult School. It is the same format as my previous workshops at the Huntington, but this time there are 2 meetings for one course, so I will see the same people next week again. I am very excited about the idea that we can actually develop our skills during the course, rather than just say bye after one meeting.

This month I am also taking classes on In Design and Illustrator. It is simply fun to sit in the classes and learn new skills... I am looking forward to putting these new skills in good use on my own projects.

Now it's time for more sawing!

Monday, March 4, 2013


This is a new start! Today is the clean-up and organizing day. The studio is full of stuff moved from work and my previous apartment. Goal is to make a room to actually get things done by the end of this week, hopefully earlier.

Cookie has been a nice company but now it's 10:30am and her nap time, probably telling me it's the time for me to get as much things done as possible.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MFA Book Arts/Printmaking Thesis Exhibition Chapter II

I cannot believe that this is actually happening- My MFA thesis show reception is on this Friday, 7th, 530-830pm.... I don't even know how I feel about it, in a very very good way.

Photographs will be up later this weekend :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

hot off the press! (new business card)

it was my first time printing with the lovely platen press during the workshop with donna globus this morning. here is the outcome! new business card!!
the workshop was very well organized. each of us had the type set up, and we learned the lock-up and operation of the press.
i am so pleased to have the stack of new cards with me! i used the extra press sheets from my offset project for this, and it is perfect... see the paper airplane? (that was the masterpiece by the way :))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We and Stories Exhibition

Now the We and Stories, the exhibition on personal narrative is over. I posted some pictures of the show and the link is on the right column under "Links", please take a look at them! Great thank you to everyone who participated!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Call for Entries

I am going to curate a show which will be up on February 2010, and here is the call for entries.

I would like to have works of art that deal with personal narratives.

Please please contact me if you are interested in participating!! I would like to have many submissions!!

We and Stories


This exhibition will show contemporary art work that deals with personal narratives. Investigating how artists represent / tell / transform the personal narrative through their work, examining the dynamics of their approaches and the notion of the personal and the universal. How can one’s personal story impact others? How can visual art function to deliver the personal into universal? How is storytelling important to each artist and is their process visible in the finished work of art?


The exhibition will be in February 2010 at the 6th Floor Printmaking Gallery, Anderson Hall, at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Call for Entries:

Eligibilities: Artists work must deals with a personal narrative (either artists own or others). There is no size limitations for submitting the works, but it would be a consideration because of the limited space at the venue.

Submission Guidelines: Please send following by January 5th, 2010 via e-mail to (

- 1-3 JPG images each of 1 or 2 works, 72dpi, approximately 600 x 400 pixels

- A word document that has a brief description of each work, including size and year. (about 40-70 words)

- Artist’s Bio (about a paragraph long)

- If the work is a video piece, please contact the curator directly via e-mail before the final submission.

*Please label each image file with artists’ last name, title of work, and number as needed for details.


-Deadline for Submission of work: Jan 5th 2010

-Announcement of selected works: Jan 10th 2010

-Delivery of accepted works: Jan 25th 2010

-Opening of the show: Feb 5th – 26th 2010

-Reception: Friday Jan 5th 2010

-Closing of the show/ de-installation Feb 27th 2010

-Return work by 2nd week of March 2010

Loan forms will be sent to each participant.

Shipping Instructions will be announced after acceptance of work.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Party

We have Book Party every year in the end of each semester here at UArts!
December 17th, Thursday, 4-7pm
Come and get artists' books, blank journals, prints, T-shirts, etc... perfect for Christmas gifts and it is fun with good food!

Poster is made by me, printed silkscreen on handmade recycled paper :)))