Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Party

We have Book Party every year in the end of each semester here at UArts!
December 17th, Thursday, 4-7pm
Come and get artists' books, blank journals, prints, T-shirts, etc... perfect for Christmas gifts and it is fun with good food!

Poster is made by me, printed silkscreen on handmade recycled paper :)))

Thursday, November 26, 2009

paper airplane in progress

This is the project I worked on throughout this semester. The title is Paper Airplanes. It is printed offset at the Borowsky Center in the University of the Arts.
There was an opportunity to donate this book to the collection at the arts library at Oberlin College, and the collection is exhibited together at the Free Library of Philadelphia now. The show is called Show and Bestow, things are organized by Alice Austin at the Library Company of Philadelphia. The collection is for her friend, who found out that her life will be cut short by cancer(from her description on this collection). At the reception this past Monday, we could handle some books that are in the display cases, and they are really an impressive collection of artists books.
My Paper Airplane could be a part of the collection, and it was pretty nice and I felt greatful... the fact I handed it to Alice right after the deadline because I just finished binding them and she just happened to be at the school....

I am in process of binding the 130 copies of this book together. The book comes with 6 post cards in the paper wrapper and I am selling it for $15... if anyone is interested, please contact me....

I am also printing the posters for upcoming book party in December! Before that, I am also participating Book Paper Scissors at the Free Library of Philadelphia, which is kind of art/craft/book fair. I will get a table with friends and sell some small good things :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

DC trip and National Gallery Library

on friday, we went to the field trip to washington dc. it was my first time visiting the place. although i was very excited, in the morning i felt a bit unfocused because of the lots of work i left behind in my studio.
we went to visit the rare collection room in the library at the national gallery, where the librarian had pulled the selection of books for us to see, and touch. last year, we went to the rare collection room in morgan library in nyc.
in short, it was an amazing selection. he showed us fist the book of hours, printed on vellum, bound in the beautiful red tinted leather. there is a book illustrated by leonardo da vinci, studies on the proportion of human body, archticture, etc. there is one done by albrecht durer: his famous signature is printed big on the title page. there are many other that were all fabulous. lots of great engravings and large scale etching plates of night scenes. there were books with beautiful chromo lithographs of all different kinds of brushes. i wish that i can describe better on everything one by one.
there were some contemporary artists books. the insect alphabet by anna hepler was one of them and it was such a sweet tiny book, incased in the clear plastic cube with a magnified glass. each insect's name is starting with each letter of alpharbet, and the image of insect is done with tiny etching.

afterwards we went to have lunch, and went around some museums around the mall. it was nice getting away from the studio, inspired by the different things.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nag Hammadi Codices Workshop with Julia Miller

We have the workshop week every year in our program here at UArts. This year the workshop was taught by Julia Miller, a book conservator and a book artist, and Pati Scobey, a printmaker and a book artist. We got to chose which workshop to take for these two days, and I chose the book binding workshop with Julia.
She showed us many of her models of the historical Nag Hammadi codices, which she has been studying for years. In this workshop, we followed the structure of the Codex VI - that's how they distinguish each of this particular historical books.

We learned the different ways of decorating the leather, simple, but so intriguing - she showed us how to do the blind tooling and use the paste wax. She went through each parts of the book with details and historical references, and they were so fascinating. After a while, even though this was my first time working with the leather, I felt pretty comfortable handling this material and want to try more. It was a perfect way to dive into the world of leather.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The reception of our exhibition, Pages of Pandemonium, on last Friday went well.
Great people, great food, great art. Thank you for those who came, and thank you for all the support we got.