Friday, October 4, 2013

New start in fall... yes, even in San Diego!

Fall is already around the corner and I can feel the change in the air even here in Southern California. Our tomato plants are ending and I am clipping the last batch of them probably this weekend. Although I love summer and usually sad to hear the summer is over, I am actually looking forward to the cold (well, cooler) weather and all the holiday cooking and baking to follow.

I am working on the new series of notebooks for my Etsy shop, since some of them happily left me to new owners' hands. I am so happy about that, but now I need more work in my shop. This time I am also making some photo albums. I made one to put all the photos from this summer with family. It is so lovely to have a physical album, especially for the special photos. The new ones for the shop, they will of course have embroidery on the covers, and the photo above is the one in progress.

I just started to teach book arts class at Poway Adult School. It is the same format as my previous workshops at the Huntington, but this time there are 2 meetings for one course, so I will see the same people next week again. I am very excited about the idea that we can actually develop our skills during the course, rather than just say bye after one meeting.

This month I am also taking classes on In Design and Illustrator. It is simply fun to sit in the classes and learn new skills... I am looking forward to putting these new skills in good use on my own projects.

Now it's time for more sawing!

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